Memorial Glass


“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure”

Memorial glass (also known as cremation glass) is an artisan process that infuses your

loved one’s ashes into beautifully crafted pocket stones or pendants. The result is the

essence of your loved one forever remembered in glass.


Once I receive your order I will e-mail you a mailing address. For each glass piece ordered

I will need 1/4 tsp sealed in a ziplock bag. And mail. Easy as that! Turn around  time is

usually two weeks. Often in less time depending my schedule. You will receive a beautiful

treasure of your of your loved one. Please feel free to write a review on my web site. 


Learn more: NH Artist Creates Keepsakes to Keep Your Loved Ones Close Forever

The pieces below are samples which showcase the cremains of my beloved Yorkshire Terriers.   Your finished piece will have its own unique starburst design in the shape and background color you choose.

To order, click on your favorite shape below. Free shipping on all orders!
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